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"CD Type" Annuity Rates

The rates below refer to guaranteed rates offered by quality companies for a certain  time period. These annuity contracts are commonly called  Multi- Year Guarantee Annuties. (MYGA). We represent many annuity companies. If you do not see the plan for which you are looking, just gives us a call and we will provide information to you without obligation.

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Annuities give you upside potential and no downside and with a consistent guaranteed return

Multi-Year Guarantee Annuity Rates for January 2018

AM Best
As Of 

1st Year Rate


EquiTrust Insurance Co.

Cerainly Select 10

10 Year

3/2/2017 3.25%


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North American Company


Guarantee Choice 9

9 Year
2/14/2017 2.95%
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American National Ins Co A
The Palladium MYG  8
8 Year
3/2/2017 3.85%
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North American Company A+
Guarantee Choice 7
7 Year
2/14/2017 2.65%
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Guaranty Income Life B+
Guaranty 6 Annuity
6 Year
1/19/2017 2.70%
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North American Company A+
Guarantee Choice 5
5 Year
2/14/2017 2.40%
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PrIncipal Financal Group

The Principal Preferred Series 7
4 Year
 April 15, 2014 1.65%
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EquiTrust Insurance Co

Cerainly Select 3
3 Year
12/12/2016 1.80%
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 Every effort is made to show the current rates offered by the annuity companies shown. However, we take no responsibilty for rates shown
 that may be incorrect.  Please CALL our office for the most up to date guaranteed interest.(209) 918-4016

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