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Interesting stories from the past...

 To the friends and clients of Louis Hammond Insurance...
I want to share with you a personal part of my life........

  • My brother, Tracy Hammond, at age 74, purchased a life insurance policy in 2001 that would keep his premium level for 10 years or until October 15, 2011, when the ten year period would expire. Two months before the end date of his policy he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. His policy was extended for two more months but at a very high cost. He was in Hospice and passed shortly after to His Lord and Maker. He passed away 12/05/2011. I will always mourn losing him.

  • November 07/25/2012, my brother's beautiful wife, Lillian Hammond passed on to Heaven's gate..

  • On September 2, 2011, My brother's son-in-law Roy, died suddenly while sitting in his lawn chair. I have no information about his life insurance arrangements. Our family has suffered and mourned his passing.

    My loving wife, Doris, passed.away December 31, 2012

My personal observations:

1) Life is such an unsure thing and we never know when we will meet our maker face to face.
    I personally believe that each person should have his spiritual life in order and be prepared
    to meet our Creator. I hope you will please look into that.

2) We should also have our financial plans in order.

   I am posting this message for two reasons.

   The First and most important is to encourage you to look after spiritual affairs.

   The Second reason may sound like a commercial, but it is to encourage you make sure that you have 
   the proper amount and the right kind of life insurance to provide for those who may depend on you for their    care. There are many plans offered including a popular one that returns all of the premiums that have been    paid over time, (a good plan If you do or don't intend to die.)

   If you would like to discuss your situation, just give me a call.

   With Sincere Regards, 
   Louis Hammond
   (209) 918-4016  
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I found an old Life Insurance agent manual in the attic the other day. It contains some interesting stories from the 1940s era. The agents back then worked very hard. There were no computers, no internet, no websites, no cell phones. We had a manual, a pen, a paper application and a car. Things were very different then......